Brad Lucas

As a longtime software developer with significant experience building systems for the financial services industry I am particularly interested in the craft of developing software systems. Not only is the why important but also the how. My passion for programming has led me down a number of interesting paths giving me experience in a variety of industries using a number of programming languages and technologies. x1

Early in my career I was in Boston building systems to support the research and portfolio management division of Fidelity Investments. Following a move to New York, I've worked on projects for a number of investment banks. In 2009 I started a software development boutique primarily working with early stage startups looking for guidance in implementing their visions through technology. This phase brought experience developing systems for a wide range of customer and business centered applications. Lastly, since 2015, I have been the Director of Software Engineering at a New York AdTech company, ActionX. At ActionX I am responsible for a team building and managing the company's data pipeline.

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